Where to Watch Movies for Cheap in Montreal

Escape the cold in these theatres



As the winter months drag along, you’re probably finding yourself looking for new ways to entertain yourself in Montreal. The supply of movies and shows on Netflix is easily exhaustible, and it is easy to get tired of the low quality of illegal streaming sites. Now imagine yourself sitting back in a warm theatre, eating snacks, watching new releases on the huge screen with big sound. Sounds dreamy, but going to the theatre to see a movie is pretty unaffordable these days, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the theatres around Montreal where you can see a movie for a wonderfully low price.

Dollar Cinema - 6900 Decarie Square

Photo cred: Cult Montreal

The holy grail of cheap movie theatres. If you’re looking for the newest releases, this obviously will not be the place for you, but if you’re content with waiting a little while, you’ll be rewarded as Dollar Cinema charges only $2.50 for admission. If you feel like you’ll be seeing a whole lot of movies there, you can get 20 movie tickets for only $20. All snacks are only $1, and the seats are comfortable. It’s a little bit dingy, but at that price who can complain?

Parc Theatre - 3575 Parc Avenue

Photo cred: CBC

If you don’t mind spending a little more and are interested in seeing high-quality foreign films, Parc Theatre is your best bet. One general admission ticket is $12.50, but you can save money by buying a 10 ticket punch card, or going on Tuesday, when it costs only $10. It has a nicer atmosphere than the big chain theatres and as good of a selection as you can ask for.

Tuesday at Scotiabank Theatre - 977 West Sainte Catherine Street

Photo cred: MTL Blog

The big Cineplex theatre downtown is the most expensive option on this list and has the least interesting ambience, as it’s essentially the same as any large, corporate theatre. However, if you want to see a new, mainstream release right when it comes out, head over there on a Tuesday, when movies cost only $7.99 and 3D movies are $10.99. This is considerably less than their usual rate of $13.50.

Still not satisfied? Guzzo theatres have $6 movies on Wednesdays if you’re a member. Beaubien Theatre is a great place to check out a French language movie. Or, if you’re looking to have a really scuzzy time, there’s aways Cinema L’amour.


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