Experience ÎLESONIQ 2016 to the Fullest Thanks to The Drysdale Group & Brahm Mauer

A VIP Experience You Can't Miss Out On


Experience VIP to the fullest!

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Alright Montreal: it's time we talk about ÎLESONIQ 2016! This legendary electronic music festival will be returning to Parc Jean-Drapeau from August 5-6 2016. The lineup has been released and there are some seriously big names in there. Prepare yourself for: The Chainsmokers, Thomas Jack, Zeds Dead, Zedd, Oliver Heldens, and a whole lot more.

If there are two things Montreal does right, it is music and parties. Wrap those two together into one unforgettable weekend of drinks, phenomenal performances, great people, and that hot Montreal sun.

Your summer has probably already been filled with some outstanding music and a healthy dose of alcohol. But you might not have had the chance to get the FULL VIP experience yet! We are so excited to announce that Montreal’s Drysdale Group, along with Brahm Mauer, will be taking care of this year’s VIP section at the ILESONIQ festival.

Before the letters VIP scare you away for fear of overpriced tickets and sugar daddies, listen up! When these guys do VIP, they do it right. And by “do it right,” I mean they have totally taken back VIP and put it into the hands of the young, fun, music-loving Montrealer and created an experience you will never forget. Here is everything you need to know:

Affordable: Keep in mind that the advertised prices are for 16 tickets! Split by 16, this VIP is hardly more expensive than a normal festival pass. And you probably won't accidentally end up in a mosh pit in your safe and spacious VIP area.

Bonus Cash: When you attend a festival, the spending does not end once the ticket is purchased. The amount you spend on food and liquor once you get on the grounds is always astonishing. Not in this case! When you purchase the VIP experience, you also get $2,000 in spending money for the day pass and $4,000 for the full weekend. AKA, free food and drink!

Personal, Covered Suite: These first class suites are basically little cabanas which are covered to get you out of the rain or extreme heat. They are also multi-level, offering incredible views of the mains stage.

Personal Hostess Your OWN Bathroom: Nothing screams VIP like a personal bathroom! Seriously, there is nothing worse than waiting in a massive line to go to the bathroom at a festival or concert. With the VIP experience, you will get your own bathroom. You will also be served by your own personal hostess. The best of the best!

Embrace Everything Good About Festivals and Side-Step All the Negatives: Say hello to good times, great company, amazing music, personal space, and your closest friends. Say goodbye to getting bumped and pushed by strangers in crowds, not being able to see your favourite performers, and losing your friends every five minutes. This VIP experience keeps all the good and does away with all the bad of festival life.

Check out the event for details.


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