Why Segal's is Montreal's Best and Worst Grocery Store

What’s with that stack of dried fish in the back?



If you live around the Plateau or the Mile End, chances are you’ve heard about Segal’s. It’s probably the cheapest place you can buy your groceries in Montreal, but with the savings comes some weirdness. Here are some things that make it incredible, and some things about it that really suck. 

Good - Produce Prices

Huge bags of carrots and potatoes and onions for like one dollar! That giant wooden bin of cheap bananas! Great weekly sales on almost expired berries! I like to make a thing I call Segal’s Salad, where I buy all the discount vegetables I can and make a salad out of them. 

Bad - Expired Groceries

Sometimes, if you check the dairy that is on sale at a great price, it’ll be expired! Having expired products on the shelf is a terrible look for a grocery store because sometimes people forget to check.

Good - The Shopping Cart Sales

Scattered throughout the store are shopping carts full of extremely cheap boxes of cereal or cookies or other things like that. Often I will not be planning on getting those things, but they are so cheap it would be crazy not to. 

Bad - Those Two Employees Who Are Always Yelling

It seems like a bit they’re doing, where they pretend they hate each other but actually they’re friends, but it starts to get old. 

Good - The Staff Aren’t Phony

I often feel annoyed in fancier grocery stores because the staff seem so peppy that it makes me feel bad about myself. At Segal’s, the cashiers and shelf stockers seem openly depressed, which is relatable and makes me feel better about myself. 

Bad - No Bags

No bags is good for the environment, but sometimes you forget your recyclable bag and you don’t want to take your groceries home in a box but you have to. 


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