Is Osheaga worth it this year?

Or are we all just victims of FOMO



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It’s been about a week since the Osheaga 2017 lineup was announced and for the most part, Montrealers seem to be more than a little underwhelmed by the headliners. Oshaega always draws huge crowds of out-of-towners (love it or hate it, it’s a huge part of the festival’s success). But it seems like everyone I know who actually lives here has stamped a big “meh” on the headliners. And let’s face it; The Weeknd, Muse and Lorde, Osheaga’s top-billed performers, aren’t exactly the kind of music you think of when you think of upbeat summer festival music that makes you wanna drop 320$ on a festival pass. PLUS we've already seen these headliners on recent years' Osheaga lineups. 

A friend of mine put it like this, “This year’s Osheaga lineup is best read from the bottom to the top”. I tend to agree- I’m waaaaay more stoked on a lot of the “smaller” acts this year like 6LACK, Majid Jordan, and Daniel Caesar to name a few. And by “smaller” I mostly only mean "smaller" font-size-wise because there are some pretty killer bands this year, but they kind of get overshadowing by the groan-fest that are some of the “big ticket” acts. 

It seems weird to buy a festival pass and completely forgo the headliners. Is that something people do? Or do we all just feel inclined to drop a kidney on the full festival pass because we’re nothing but mindless sheep/ victims of FOMO?


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