Concordia Students Urged to Wear Flip Flops in Anti-Islamophobic Statement

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As everyone knows by now, yesterday March 1, Concordia students had to be evacuated from campus due to a bomb threat. The threat was directed towards Concordia’s Muslim community, as expressed in a letter sent to the CSU from a group calling themselves the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada, Concordia Chapter. 

The letter, expresses that the makeshift bombs are “not meant to kill anybody. The only aim is to maim Moslem students”. The threat comes on the tails of last month’s attack in a Quebec mosque, which killed six Muslim men. During these times where hatred threatens our way of life and drives wedges through our communities it can be hard to know what we can do, especially as students. 

Concordia students are invited to a series of events around campus aimed at ending “flipflophobia”, a keystone of the terrorist group’s threats against Muslim students on campus (seriously). The following two events are gaining momentum in the coming days, hopefully these peaceful protestswill turn into something more than a passing expression of solidarity with Muslim students at Concordia, because obviously there is something very poisonous lurking on camus regardless of whether there were actual bombs planted or not. 

 Fight Against Flipflophobia (March 2- March 3):

Flip Flops for Solidarity (March 6)

For the CSU’s official statement on Islamophobic threats at Concordia click here.

"Flipflophobia" puts an endearing spin on what we all know is blatant racism and Islamophbia. These threats are getting closer and closer to home. Last week we probably would never have expected that one of the city's largest institutions, with a diverse network of ethnic and religious student groups, would be at the centre of a terrorist threat. Whatever this group wants to call themselves, do not forget: they are a terrorist group who has explicitly and deliberately threatened the safety of students on campus and if we do not take action, we can only expect more such events. 


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