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Watch out Uber—Montreal has its own taxi app, and it just might be even better. Teo is a Montreal based (and Montreal-developed) taxi app taking the city by storm. A beta version of the Teo app was tested at the end of 2015, and the app became available to the public early last year.

If you're already an Uber user then you're probably familiar with most of Teo's features already—driver information, live map, automatic payments by phone. So, I know what you're thinking: if Teo is just like Uber then why not continue using Uber?

First of all, Teo is all electric. There are charging stations throughout the downtown core and parts of the Plateau-Mont Royal. The app is much more environmentally friendly, and it's also more employee-friendly. Drivers are paid $15 per hour, and they receive paid vacation. Pretty sweet setup if you ask me. 

And you know how much you hate Uber's surge pricing? Yeah, well that's not a thing with Teo. What is a thing with Teo, though, is free in-car wifi. 

Right now Teo has 60 electric vehicles, but this app is sure to take off soon. Expect to start seeing the Teo cars all over the city. Maybe MadeinTYO is going to have to release a remix of "Uber Everywhere."

So why not give it a try? Download Teo for free in the Apple app store or get it on Google Play. 




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