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This New App Will Change the Face of Cafés as we Know It


Coffee Anyone?

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A warm beverage, a cozy atmosphere and free wifi are all great things. Things that Montreal cafés never fail to deliver. Coffee shops are the perfect place to work, study, chill out, get in touch with your community, or socialize. The problem is there are cafés on every street corner -- especially in this city. You don't know which café suits your needs until you've explored a few. Sometimes you strike out, or even miss out on a hidden gem.


Enter: Indie Coffee Shops. This up-and-coming app will help you select the perfect café for you! It was inspired by the frustration that ensues when you are unable to find a non-corporate coffee shop to work in while traveling to a new city. The app will take your criteria: "best wifi," "open late," or "drip coffee," and help you choose an option to suit your needs. 

Indie Coffee Shops have also begun to partner with cafés and coffee makers in order to offer app users the exclusive on high quality coffee, grounds, beans and accessories. This must-have app will be coming to Montreal and Toronto this November, 2015. The app will also come to Calgary and Vancouver in the near future. 

Today, there is a vast community of individuals who work from home. Sometimes, it's nice to get out of the house for a change of scenery. Lucky for us, come November, finding the perfect workspace will no longer be such a challenge. 

Indie Coffee Shops is an app that was born of necessity, and I could not be more excited to download it!


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