Montreal, What Does Your Cigarette Brand Say About You?

Don't hate the Player...



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Pretty much every smoker has a brand that they call their own. But probably most of us don't remember why we smoke the brand that we do? Sure, it's the "best one," and that's why it's your favourite. That can't be true about all of them. Here's what your brand says about you:


There's two options here. You went into the dep alone your first time buying smokes, panicked, and went "uh, those ones." Now you're stuck and you're not really sure why you're smoking Players. Option 2 is this is what your dad smoked in high school.

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So you went a little Mac DeMarco crazy in your first year at Concordia and now you're stuck on Viceroys. It's no problem, aside from the fact that you hork up black stuff every morning. 

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Pall Malls

Pall Malls are great for when you want to smoke the shittiest, worst tasting cigarettes. If you're trying to quit, restrict yourself to Pall Malls and you won't even miss them.

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Every photo of you on Instagram has a cigarette in it somewhere. You stand outside the party with an unlit Belmont for as long as possible before smoking it, so the max. number of people see that beauty in your hand. 

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Du Maurier 

It's tough—you have to make a budget for yourself within the vast allowance your parents transfer to you every month. Leave room for those delicious Du Mauriers!

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