5 Ways to Make Beer Money in Montreal

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Looking for some fast cash? If you need some bills to pay for your drinks this weekend, there are a few ways you can come into some money quick. It won't be a lot, but it'll be something. Try these five short-term money making tips and see if you don't end up paying for the whole group at the bar.

Psychological Studies

Check job forums and university bulletin boards for upcoming studies. If you satisfy their basic requirements, usually all it takes is signing up. A friend of mine sat in a room and used a robotic arm for an hour and got $20, and another time he just had to get drunk and talk about how he was feeling. Another $20 well earned.

Offer Up a Skill to Your Network

There's no doubt you have a skill that someone else is after. Do you know how to give a decent haircut? Can you paint a room? Maybe you're just a really great baker? Make a post on Facebook offering up something you're good at and see if you find any takers!

Write an Article or Two

If you're a decent writer, look up blogs and journals looking for freelance writers. You can do lists, opinion pieces, news—the list goes on! Usually it'll earn you $20-50. Not bad!

Host a Party with Beer

Okay, I did this one late last year and I'm going to let you in on a secret. I made $200. If you have an apartment that's great for parties, stock up on beer and sell it for less than it costs in a bar. You'll be surprised by how quick it goes.

The Famous Craigslist

You've been on Craigslist. There's always something there if you're willing to lower your standards a little bit. Take an odd job, sell something, or help some kid with his student film. Chances are it'll be pretty easy.


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