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So you have an idea for some sweet new body art and you just can't wait? Don't sweat it. Some of the best artists in Montreal are accepting walk-ins every day of the week! Typically a walk-in is a small or medium sized piece that's done the same day you go to the shop, without an appointment. Here are some of Montreal's best shops to get tattooed last minute.

Bodkin Tattoo- 55 Bernard West

Bodkin Tattoo in the Mile End accept walk-ins every day of the week! Bodkin is an old school shop with cool retro decor and lots of Sailor Jerry flash on the walls. They price their walk-ins by specific piece, but their standard hourly rate is $140. Check out their website for more info on artists and location.

Two Horses- 170 Jean Talon West

Two Horses is tucked away in Little Italy in a big loft building. Despite being a little hard to find at first, the shop has had no trouble making a name for itself. Co-owner and tattooer Jessi Preston doesn't live in Montreal anymore but she still comes to visit (and tattoo!). Two Horses accepts walk-ins daily, but call ahead to be safe. More info on their site.

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Oly Anger Tattoo- 9 Rue de la Commune West

Oly Anger has a solid in-house team, and sweet international guests are always coming through. Right now they have 11 artists on their team, so someone will for sure be able to give you the tattoo of your dreams. The location is great if you're looking for something a little further south. Check out their site for more!

Cred: @olyangertattoo


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