Find Cheap Flights to Escape the Montreal Winter

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In the dead of winter, one often looks around and fantasizes about stepping on a plane and heading somewhere to get some sun. Using savvy flight-booking tips, it’s possible to get a long flight to somewhere hot while only spending a few hundred dollars. Of course there are entire books and websites dedicated to saving money on flights, but you can save hundreds of dollars using the following easy tips:

Clear those Cookies

It sounds unethical, but websites will try to raise prices on you based on how much they think you want flight tickets. Which is to say, if you’re searching for the same flights over and over again, they’re going to notice, and they’re going to increase the price on you. Combat this by heading into your browser’s tools and deleting your cookies so they’ll give you the same prices as a first-time visitor.

Use Google Flights, but Check Everywhere

It has been my experience that I’ve never found cheaper flights anywhere than on Google Flights, but I’ve heard of people having better luck elsewhere. Google Flights is convenient because you can easily set price alerts for deals, and your itinerary will sync right up with your Gmail. Google Flights also has great customizable search settings and calendars that show the best prices over long ranges of dates. 

Try to be Flexible

Almost always, the cheapest flights are going to be earlier in the week, so try to avoid weekends if you can. Booking in advance is always optimal, and it’s a good idea to set a price alert so you can pounce on a cheap ticket that seems like the price may be about to swing up in price. Remember to search for alternate airports, although generally large airports will have cheap flights.

Using these tips, you can be sure to give yourself the best possible chance to get the cheapest possible flights. Happy travels!


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