10 New Years Resolutions for Montrealers in 2016

Trouble picking? Try one of these!


Here we come 2016

Montrealers are a unique breed of human and it has a lot to do with this wonderful city we call our home. If there's one thing I've come to know about Montreal, it's that we're always "on." By "on" I mean the hustle and bustle never stops. People work hard, play hard, and rarely take a minute to themselves. 

So if you're looking to change things up a bit in 2016 but your resolutions aren't coming easy, here's a list you might identify with: 

1. Get out of the city more often

2. Explore new neighbourhoods; get out of your comfort zone

3. Invest in some warmer footwear, fluffy blankets and some cozy slippers

4. Stop complaining about the cold

5. Get out and see more live music or other shows 

6. Drink less

7. Set aside some time to relax and do nothing at all

8. Work on your French/English 

9. Wake up earlier 

10. Take up a new hobby

Remember, YOU come first! Don’t lost yourself in the hustle and bustle. Make 2016 your year! 


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