(Secretly) Decorate Your Montreal Apartment with IKEA Furniture

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I've moved about four times this year for reasons I won't get into. But what I'm saying is, I really know my way around IKEA. Through trial and error over the years, I've found the best and the worst of the catalogue. Here are some tips for decorating your place with affordable furniture, without cultivating that telltale IKEA vibe.

Pick a Palette

Take a page from the minimalist's guidebook. Pick a simple palette and stick to it. If all of your furniture is natural wood and white paint, it will blend into the room and nothing will give you away. Choose items without standout features—like the grates in their metal furniture, or the the bold bright colours of some of their new pieces.

Don't Go for the Absolute Cheapest

Everyone had a LACK table in their dorm. You know, that small brown square table that just wasn't really high enough to use for anything? And you could probably punch through its surface if you tried hard enough? Yeah, pass on that one. You don't have to shell out big bucks, but go for just one step up from the cheapest stuff. Believe me, it really makes a difference.

Skip the Accessories

Something about IKEA's kitchen and bathroom accessories are just a little too iconic. The plates, the cookware, the toothbrush holders- it all just screams "I'm a student!" Collect your accessories from vintage places or get hand-me-downs, and they'll really dress up your basic furniture.

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