10 Great Places to Help You Transform Your Montreal House Into a Home

You’ve got the kitchen sink; now let these boutiques help you with the rest.


Ready to furnish?

You’re all moved in to a great apartment in Montreal. Maybe you’ve even been living there for quite some time now and yet you still don’t feel like you’ve made it your own. For some reason, the homiest thing about your space is your unmade bed. Well, my friend, that is simply unacceptable. Here are ten terrific places in Montreal where you can pick up those little touches to decorate your house into a home. 

1. Lambert Gratton General Store (4051 De Bullion)

This tiny store on the corner is a great place to check out vintage kitchenware and knick-knacks.  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink isn’t so bad if they’re all sixties era glasses and crockery.

2. Zone (4246 St Denis)

Whether you’re looking for those practical items that make you feel like you’re finally a real adult, or items a little less practical but justifiable simply because they’re nice to look at, this two-story housewares store has got you covered. 

3. Mixx Authentik (4005 Notre Dame st W)

If you yearn for kitschy antiques, look no further. This boutique is your one-stop shop for furniture and home decor that you can count on to spark the conversation in the dinner parties you will now be well equipped to host. 

4. Community bazaars (in the community)

We’re entering the season of seasonal bazaars. Not only is this a great way to get involved in your community, you’ll also probably leave with a good haul of gently used treasures. Don’t know where to look? Local churches and community centres are usually the best spots for holiday bazaars.

5. V de V (5042 St. Laurent boul)

If you’ve already got the kitchen sink, but are looking for everything else, this St. Laurent boutique is perfect for small furniture pieces and modern home accents. 

6. Jack’s (1883 Amherst st)

In the heart of Montreal’s gay village, Jack’s has an ever-changing stock of mid-to-late twentieth century furniture. 

7. Garbage day (literally everywhere)

One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure in Montreal.  Some real gems can be found by scouting the curbs on garbage day.  The best part; everything is free. 

8. Beige (2480 Notre Dame st W)

Everything from sconces to credenzas can be found at Beige. If you want something totally unique, they offer customization on individual pieces, or if you’re a lost cause, an in-home consultation service. 

9. St. Michel Flea Market (3250 Cremazie boul E)

If you fancy yourself a hunter, spend the day at this off-the-beaten-track flea market. Montrealers generally agree that this is the best “marchéaux puces”in town.

10. Jack Lux (3678 St. Denis st)

Jack Lux has a unique vibe that you won’t find anywhere else. If you like simple furniture with a bit of an industrial feel, this St. Denis boutique is for you.


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