5 Ways to Fall Into Fitness for Free

This autumn, get fit without breaking your bank


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Fall, as we all know, is a season of renewal. Trees changes colors and days are shorter. What better time, then, to make resolutions like getting fit? With the urge of getting a new wardrobe or buying school books, you might feel like exercising is one more worry in your tight budget. However, it’s possible to train around the city without spending a single dime. Here’s a roundup of the fittest options:

1. Brag about leg day

Eager to try a gym but scared of costly commitments? Anytime Fitness is an affordable gym that offers trial passes for curious minds. Their Plateau location is open 24/7 and fits busy lifestyles. Get your weekly pass here. Be considerate that this is a deal for those who are serious about joining. You have no excuse to get your body moving!

2. Sink or swim
Swimming is a great, low-impact workout. Pretty much all of our hoods offer indoor pool access to dive in and do a few laps. Try it during the evening. You’ll feel refreshed.

3. Remember monkey bars?

Bodies aren’t just trained at the gym. Give a go to one of Montreal’s 10+ Trek Fit outdoor installations to squat, press and kick. These outdoor playgrounds are perfect to bust a move and try new ones. Find the nearest one to you here.

4. Take a hike

Hiking is at top of the charts for free exercising. It’s also a great activity to get your heart pumping the way you want it -- on harder hills or smoother roads. Plan your next hike by reading our blurb about the city’s best trails.

5. Stretch your budget

Tired of youtubing your yoga? It’s possible to get your namaste on for free, courtesy of Lululemon, every Sunday. In September, classes are held at Bota Bota. Get all the deets here.


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