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Morning Gloryville #5 is making AM fitness a whole lot cooler


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There are two things I know to be true in life: waking up sucks and physical activity can help. The problem is that I usually go to bed telling myself that I'm going to wake up at 6:00am for an early morning gym sesh. Lies. When the alarm goes off, optional activities tend to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Sleep always wins. 

But now it might be time to rearrange our priorities because morning fitness just got a whole lot cooler. Morning Gloryville Montreal #5 is coming up on September 9th, 2015, and it is worth the early alarm. Postponed from the original date of July 16th, we’ve got a second chance to rave our way into the day. If you're not familiar with Morning Gloryville, here's all you need to know: they are trying to bring conscious clubbing into the world through morning raving in crowds of totally sober individuals. 

You can expect amazing DJs playing insane beats, a FREE wake-up massage, organic superfood smoothies and cold pressed juices, incredible breakfast options, Yoga & Acro Yoga workshops and some serious dancefloor action. You will need to bring a water bottle, and a yoga mat. Wear anything at all. Costumes of all sorts are definitely welcome, but make sure you dress to sweat! The event begins at 6:30am and lasts until 10:30am. 

How many of you have danced in a rave sober before? Of course, you don't have to be drunk to have fun, but I've never considered the fact that dancing at a club is a bit of a workout. Dancing is such a fun way to get fit, and you barely even notice time passing at all. Why not spend the rest of your day energized from some good, clean fun? 

Tokyo, Munich, Dublin, Rome, and many other cities have jumped on the Morning Gloryville bandwagon, and you should too! The location of the September 9th event will soon be announced so keep your eyes peeled. Follow Morning Gloryville Montreal on Facebook, check out their website, and stay tuned!


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