7 People You'll See on a Montreal Bike Path

Fasten your helmet, the cyclist hunt is on


A Montreal cyclist in its natural habitat

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Bike riding in the summer has a very definite perk: you can take the time to study your fellow bike riders. Trust me, Montreal has its share of comic bike path specimens. Here are seven of them: 

1. The Arm Waivers

They make sure other road users are aware of their moves–that’s a responsible attitude. Unfortunately, they believe that because they signalled their left turn, it’s ok to cut off the poor lady crossing the street. And they should come up with a way to signal that they are going to run the red light, because they do that often, too.

2. The BIXI Commuters

You can identify them from distance by their upright sitting posture. Their satisfied smile may seem cocky, but they’re just happy they’ve found a way to avoid the metro. Be patient with them as they’ve only got three speeds–plus business clothes are not the most comfortable biking outfit. 

3. The Geared-up Athletes 

Speaking of biking outfits, these guys have it covered. They also have $5000 bikes. You can usually spot them climbing up Camillien-Houde Road at an impressive speed. Don’t try to understand why, just watch and respect.

4. The Please-Acknowledge-My-Existence People

They announce themselves in any possible situation: when they ride behind you, when you ride behind them, when there’s a pedestrian twenty feet ahead, when the light turns green, yellow or red. Or maybe they just spent thirty bucks on that new fancy bell. Let them have their moment, they (mostly) don’t harm anyone.

5. The Lovebirds

Nothing is more adorable than a couple that can’t take their eyes off each other. That is, until they ride in front of you in the bike path, obviously side by side, and probably at five km per hour. Off in their own love bubble, the fact that someone might need to pass them is of very little importance. 

6. The e-Cyclists

You encounter them as you’re sweating your way up that nasty hill on Parc Avenue. They drift past you effortlessly, motor running full speed, talking on their iPhone. I’ll give them points for multitasking. But seriously, what are they doing on the bike path!?

7. The Road Hazards

Their daily routine is to zigzag around other road users at full speed on a brakeless bike. Needless to say, they built it themselves. On rare occasions, they stop at an intersection to show off their ability to stand in equilibrium on their pedals. Traffic rules and plain common sense are below them–they live for the thrill.


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