10 Fashion Trends to Abandon in 2016

Let's resolve to leave these popular trends in the past


Some trends belong in the past

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2015 is behind us, but unfortunately, some of our poorer fashion choices have followed us into the New Year. Let’s all resolve to give up a few of these trends in 2016.  

1. Blankets as scarves 

blanket scarves

Let’s start with something simple: bedding is not outerwear. The cold may have you tempted to drag your duvet off your bed and into the streets, but we promise that investing in a winter jacket and a cozy scarf will keep you warm.

2. Ultra-flared pants

ultra-flared pants

On a scale of zero to bell bottoms, this trend is off the charts. At this point, the average flare is 170 degrees. That, my friends, is too much. Too. Damn. Much.

3. Body chains

body chains

Body chains might have held their own during festival season last year, but we'd like to see them put to rest. You don't look sexy. You look like you got tangled in the pull chord when you opened the blinds this morning.   

4. Poplin anything


Cheaper than townie chow and stiffer than printer paper. Let's leave this trend back in the 1860s where it belongs. If you want a button up, try opting for actual fabric.

5. Tapered sweatpants

tapered sweats

Call us pretentious, but we think sweats are for - well, sweat. The only safe zones for sweatpants are your living room and the gym. They have no place in the public sphere.  

6. Camouflage


This year, let's try to get a little more imaginative with our choice of prints, shall we? Let’s make camo ~~disappear~~.

7. Button front skirts

button-front skirts

You never really undo all the buttons, so let’s stop pretending. It’s worse than jeans with fake pockets.

8. Super-ripped jeans

super-ripped jeans

We’re talking mauled-by-a-rabid-moose type ripped jeans. There is no place for those kinds of holes in this climate.

9. Cuffed sleeves

cuffed sleeves

Let it die.

10. The saggy beanie

saggy beanie

What have you got in all that extra space? Nuts for the winter? Dry beans? An assortment of non-perishables? That’s what your pockets are for, honey. 


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