3 Fall Fashion Trends Taking Montreal By Storm

Remember when you used to say “I have nothing to wear”?


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Ever worn a turtle neck? Yeah, me neither. Because I’ve never been a Fine Arts student in a 90’s cartoon. That’s not to say turtlenecks aren’t worth wearing. From what I understand, they’re practical in terms of neck protection, second only to the scarf. But if you feel a bit uncomfortable wearing a turtleneck - maybe you’ve got a big head, you get a sweaty upper back if there’s not enough air circulation in there, or you don’t have a matching beret. Whatever your reason, the mock neck is a healthy alternative to the problematic turtleneck. The mock neck is poised to take over the entire fall/winter season, appearing in storefronts and print ads all over the city. For a style that is both pleasing, professional and practical this October, look to the turtleneck of the future. 


Yeah sure, I hear you say. Knits in the fall are as obvious as popcorn at the movies. But tell me, would you think to get layered butter on your popcorn? Maybe you’ve thought about it but have never actually done it or maybe you didn’t even know that was a thing. Regardless, the same way popcorn is better when smothered in butter - knitwear is better when boldly textured. Sweaters aren’t often statement pieces, but when enhanced with a rich texture, an otherwise simple pullover, shawl, or poncho can really steal the show. Knits are so cozy and comfortable that they should never be reduced to “just around the house”items. Invest in some textured knits this season to add a new feel to an old staple. 


While there are more splashes of colour appearing in most collections this fall, single-palette outfits are still a crowd pleaser. This October, all black everything takes a backseat to a colour scheme of predominantly earth tones. Again, I hear you saying what’s so special about earth tones. First of all, there is something incredibly refreshing about neutral colours that are easy to pair with anything. Yes, black goes with everything, but so do tans, oatmeals and beiges - without making you look like you hate fun quite so much. And the best part is that you don’t have to trade a kidney for a pair of tan Yeezy Boosts. Plenty of boutiques in Montreal are on board with this trend. 


Looks like you’ve got some shopping to do this weekend. 


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