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Why the Aveda Salon Spa Academie is Where You Should be Getting Your Hair Done



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Let’s be real here. The seasons have changed. Tans are fading, wardrobes are shifting over, and many of us are looking to switch up our hairstyles as well. Making a drastic change to your hair can be nerve-wracking, and it really doesn’t help that it often costs an arm and a leg. I’ve recently spent a tiny amount of money on the best haircut I’ve had in ages, and I’d like to share the secret with all of you!

The Aveda Salon Spa Academie. Located at 3613 St-Laurent, this is a place you need to experience. There are three different levels of service you can request: Institute Level, Advanced Graduate Level, and the Educator Level. If you’re a little nervous about having a student do you hair, you can select a graduate or one of the educators who taught them everything they know. The things is, there’s really no reason to be nervous! These students have a ton of recent, hands-on experience. They are also learning the newest trends and techniques in the industry to help you keep up with what’s in 

At the Institute Level, haircuts start at $20, highlights $35, hair colour $30, and a wash and style for only $10. If your hair is still damaged from the summer heat, they also offer a Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment for $30.

We all know how it is. You walk out of a salon, having just payed hundreds of dollars, and you either look terrible or exactly the same as when you walked in. It's a big deal. If you have long hair, you probably avoid all salons like the plague because you've been charged horrendous amounts in the past. But with this place, say goodbye to your fears! 

The Aveda academy isn’t only affordable; it’s a lovely experience. The salon itself is beautiful, there’s good music, they offer tea, coffee, and water, and they even give you a little massage before starting on your hair. Usually, I am not so keen on a trip to the salon. But at Aveda Salon Spa Academie, I immediately re-book upon leaving.  

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