10 Signs You're Destined for a Summer Breakup

Sun's out and our hearts are breaking!


Summer is high season for heartbreak

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Summer is high season for heartbreak, and I can't quite say why that is. It could be the carefree feel of the season that makes us long for freedom. It could be the steady approach of September, new plans, new opportunities, and new beginnings. Either way, summer always seems to be the season for a breakup. If you are concerned about your relationship, take heed. Here are 10 potential signs that you might be gearing up for the dreaded summer breakup.


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Living in the Now

If “September” is staring to seem like a taboo word every time you bring up the future, this might be cause for concern. It’s easy to fall for someone’s summer self. They’re carefree, fun, energetic, and easy-going, but your significant other might not be too enthused about sticking around when the sun goes away. If they don’t like talking about where they’ll be, what they’ll be up to, and what their goals are come September, they may not see a future by your side.

Wedding Season Woes

It might be breakup season, but it is also wedding season! Summer is great and so naturally a lot of couple choose to tie the knot when the sun is shining. If your friends are getting married and you need a date, that potentially awkward question might be looming. If you are seeing someone who is wary about being your date or bringing you as a date to a wedding, your relationship might not be as serious as you thought.

Mismatched Interests 

In the winter, it is easy to have the same interests: Netflix, Netflix, and Netflix. When summer rolls around and the potential activities become endless, you might find your interests just aren't lining up anymore. This can prove to be quite an issue down the road.


Let's be honest: people look damn good during the summer. This can make it a little more difficult not to develop little side crushes here and there. Whether it's a colleague, the cute guy at the bar, or a friend of a friend, if you find yourself developing a crush (and you are even starting to feel a bit guilty about it), you are clearly not as into your current situation as you thought. It might be time to reassess!

“I” Not “We

If you’re finding yourself speaking as a completely independent unit, it may be because you’re not seeing a future with your current partner. If questions like, “What are your plans for the long weekend?” and “What are you up to in the fall?” are all answered with I statements, you might have to take a clue!

Ghost Partner

When you’re really into someone you tend to bring them up constantly, brag about them, tell stories they’re in, and just let the world know they exist. If you’re starting to loose feelings for someone, you may begin to leave the info. that you’re in a relationship out of conversations. This is a huge sign that you might not be so happy anymore.

Friend or Foe

If you’re noticing that you’re forming a lot of relationships that don’t include your partner, and they’re starting to do the same, this could cause some tension. It’s totally fine to have your own friends, but if you don’t have any common friends with your partner it will be a source for dispute as you lead separate lives or drag each other to things you don’t want to attend/ don’t know anyone at.

Not Your First Call

When something amazing, horrible, exciting, funny, or just generally big happens in your life, who’s your first call? If your partner is far down on your phone tree, this is a problem. You should want them to share the big moments with you, but if you aren’t calling them because they won’t give the reaction you’re looking for, won’t understand, or something of the sort, perhaps you need to reevaluate.

Those Little Things

Do they leave clothes on the floor? Not make the bed? Snore? Or do a small thing that annoys you? If you’re finding that thing to be a constant source for argument, that’s not good. When the little things start to really eat at you, you might not be so into them anymore. If you love someone fully, it won’t bother you to pick their pants up off the floor sometimes.

Reassure Me!

Are you constantly wondering if they’re still into you? Are you feeling jealous a lot? Are you in constant need of reassurance? Well, this isn’t a good place to be in for you or for your partner. If they constantly have to reassure you they might get tired of this, and if you’re needing this reassurance you might need to look within and sort out why!


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