Break Up on Valentine's Day

Carpe Valentine's Diem!


If Valentine's Day is really "just another day" then why not?

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You know that one person who hangs around and kind of gets on your nerves, yet you tolerate in order to maintain appearances? We all have someone like that in our lives. But if this sounds like your significant other, you should definitely consider this: break up on Valentine's Day. 

The story is all too familiar: the train en route to Happy Ending derailed somewhere between, "are you really going to wear that to dinner?" and, "it's not that I don't like your friends, but...". Now your relationship is careening through the endless canyon of Just End It Already. 

But why is Valentine's day the perfect day to call it quits? 


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Everybody talks about how much they hate the Feast of Saint Valentine. The only people who ever actually have fun on February 14th are singles who celebrate with friends and a lot of chocolate. I am starting to think that the only reason couples claim to despise the pretence of Valentine's Day is because it gives them a reason to openly dump on all things love. 

So here's my call to action: it's time to stop blaming this fateful day for the real source of your misery. If Valentine's Day is "just another day," as you say it is, then treat it as such. Break up on it. 


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Many people will consider it cruel or unnecessary to end your relationship on a day meant to celebrate the joyous union of two individuals in love. First of all, if you're unhappy enough to think about ending your relationship, you do not fit the aforementioned description. Secondly, on the off-chance that your soon-to-be insignificant other is really into Valentine's Day, then you are giving them an interesting parting gift by dumping them on the 14th: a great story. A Valentine's Day break up story buys them at least two weeks extra to whine to their friends and will earn them sympathy points for the rest of their life, well beyond any hard feelings they may intitially have for you. 

Maybe you still think it's too cruel. Let's consider our other options: make a reservation at a nice restaurant to eat expensive food and reminisce all evening about the day you first met (i.e. when you were both happier), followed by the post-Valentine's Day break up grace period wherein you lead them to believe that things are getting better for you guys and maybe you should consider moving in together in the spring after all. 


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No. Don't do it. Spare the fuss and stop wasting your time. 

Of course, if you are happily coupled and Valentine's Day still conjures up images of roses, wine and sexy lingirie, then by all means, enjoy every minute of it. But if your relationship has been on the rocks for a while, and you know it, then the day of love and romance is the perfect time to start re-evaluating.

If it really is "just another day," then do each other a favor and give each other a break. And if you are the one in ten people who still think Valentine's Day is special, you should still break up in the name of love - for yourself. 




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