9 Places to Take Your Blind Date In Montreal

Let the blind dating commence!


No Name Bar

There are about a million ways to meet people now that seemingly every unattached person in Montreal is on - at least one - dating ap. The trick is to anticipate how you want to get to know the person you’re meeting, and what kind of interaction your date spot will facilitate. 

If you want to have a fun night but are worried about the conversation flowing naturally, you will want to go someplace with a built-in activity.

1. Notre Dame Des Quilles (32 Beaubien st E)

Check their even schedule ahead of time as they often host parties. Depending on what you and you’re date are like this is either something to embrace or avoid. Either way, they have two old school bowling lanes where you can engage in some friendly competition while getting to know each other.

2. La Petite Idée Fixe (4857 Parc Avenue)

This dive bar on Parc Avenue has a functional jukebox older than time itself, as well as a free billiards. If you like a place that’s a bit rough around the edges hit up this bar for a cheap beer and the least pretentious crowd in town.

3. Hurley’s Irish Pub (1225 Crescent st)

Grab a pint and play darts or watch a soccer game with some true sports fans at this downtown pub. If your date is going well you could even do a mini pub crawl up busy Crescent street. 

If you and your blind date want to meet up face-to-face but aren’t looking to meet the parents anytime soon, I’d suggest a nice drink in a trendy atmosphere where you can learn just enough (but not too much) about one another.

1. Kabinet (92 Laurier ave W)

Attached to popular dance bar Datcha, you and your date will get up close and personal sitting at this tiny bar. The atmosphere is both warm and very cool *sunglass emoji* and the constant revelry next door provides and infectious vibe of excitement. 

2. Furco (425 Mayor st)

If your date isn’t as good looking as their photos you can find your consolation among the exclusively beautiful crowd of young professionals at Furco.

3. Taverne Gaspar (89 de la Commune st E)

Who doesn’t love the idea of drinks in the Old Port? Take your date here and they will definitely be impressed by the location and the drink menu.

If you want to commit to the full-on date experience because you are tired of stopping at your local Thai Express for dinner for one every. single. night, take the plunge at one of these great all-encompassing date spots: 

1. Majestique (4105 St Laurent boul)

This intimate space is the perfect place to go for a cozy dinner and (depending on how well it goes) post-dinner drinks. 

2.  Ice House (51 Roy E st)

This down-to-earth down south restaurant is for any duo can appreciate a good homemade hot sauce and who don’t mind getting a bit messy on a first date. 

3. No Name Bar (5295 Parc ave)

Aside from the potential difficulty in organizing to meet at a bar without a name, this is the perfect spot for intimate cocktails. 


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