5 Places Montreal Girls are Tired of Being Hit On

Can we just ride the bus in peace?


Cat Call No More!

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the dating and romance culture in Montreal is like no other. Though I’m aware that there are single people everywhere in the world, and people get hit on and cat called all over, there are a few circumstances that are unorthodox enough that they could use a shout out. So here you have it, 5 places in which Montreal girls, and girls in general are tired of getting hit on:

At the Gym: The gym is the last place in the world that advances are welcomed. I’m sweating, I’m concentrated, and I’m wearing my headphones.  There is usually nothing about my gym demeanor that gives off the impression that I would like to be approached. Gentlemen, let the ladies workout in peace. 

On Public Transit: I’ll start by saying that I’m surprised this is even a thing. I’ve seen many interactions of this nature on Montreal’s metros and busses; a conversation is struck up using any means possible (a comment on something on their person, the weather, the transit system in general, and the list goes on) and then the poor individual being hit on is stuck in a crowded space for a fixed amount of time with no chance of escape apart from faking a phone call. Public transit is a person’s time to wake up in the morning or chill out after a long day, just let it happen.

While Walking Down the Street: This is one that’s always confused me, when a girl is walking down the street and a car of men drive by and honk. This is wrong for a couple of reasons. First, it’s extremely startling to be honked at as you’re minding your own business walking down the sidewalk; second, what exactly is the end game? There is absolutely no point in disrupting this woman’s day for a quick scare; and lastly, it’s just so very rude.    

At Their Place of Work: I’ve seen this happen in so many different settings it’s hard to narrow them down. From bank tellers to servers, even cashiers at Dollarama.  Getting hit on at work is especially frustrating as you’re forced to be pleasant and unable to just tell the guy off. 

While Working or Studying at a Café or in the Library: Here’s an instance where people don’t want to be interrupted for any reason, let alone to get hit on. Headphones are in, eyes are fixed on a book or the computer screen, and a robotic arm lifts coffee to and from their lips. Is this someone who’s looking to get hit on?

I’m sure there are beautifully romantic stories of couples meeting in circumstances such as have been mentioned in this article, therefore I cannot speak for everybody. Basically, I’d just like to say mind people’s personal space, their right not to be harassed in any circumstance, and their right to be treated like a human being.  Let’s all have a lovely flirt-free transit ride this morning! 


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