5 Flings Every Montrealer Will Have in Their Life

How Many of These Relationships Have You Experienced?


Is it love?

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Montreal is a city in which you’ll meet people from all over the world. People have travelled from near and far for school, career, love, and everything in between. While Montreal is quite diverse in every sense of the word, there are some key personalities you may have come across during your time as residents. Not only have you come across these different types of individuals, but you may have also dated one or two of them. Here is a list of a few Montreal flings you have either had, are having, or are soon to have:

The Artsy Fling Montreal is exploding with arts and culture. Therefore artistic folks aren’t hard to come by. Maybe you meet someone at a show, a festival, a craft sale, a mural festival, or one of Montreal’s unique artistic endeavours. Now, your life is art. You're obsessed with the newest underground music. You begin to bump into all the same people within the artistic circle, and you may even dabble in a new form of art yourself. Your style may drastically change from fun and flirty to fun and frumpy. 

The Green Fling Let’s all take a quick second to commend Montreal on its many green initiatives and its overall sense of environmental awareness. There’s a lot of green guys and gals out there. Let's say you meet someone at a farmer’s market. All of a sudden kale is a big part of your life, you talk about things such as compost, and you seriously up your recycling game. When in a green fling you may be the most involved in your community you’ve ever been.

The Networking Fling Most likely at a downtown happy hour, you’ve managed to meet a young (or not so young) professional who is career-minded and driven. This person seems to know EVERYONE and knows how to schmooze. This charmer will have you shaking the hands of millionaires and probably sipping Grey Goose. This fling will inspire you to go for your goals and climb the business ladder. 

The Frat Fling You will probably meet this person at a house party. Actually you definitely will. Once you start seeing this particular individual, you may begin spending a lot of time in the McGill Ghetto. You will drink at obscure times of the day on weekdays. You will play an unlimited amount of drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, beer darts, and beersby. You will sleep in unmade beds, lulled to sleep by the sounds of multiple roommates echoing through the walls around you. For this stretch of time you will be a serious Yes Man and you will love life! Until you realize there’s an adult world out there and bills need to be paid.

The #FitFam Fling Last but not least, the fling you meet at the gym. Perhaps you went to the gym once or twice a week before you meet this person, but now you’ll be kicking it into high gear. This fling will turn you into someone who always has a protein shake in their hand and who always wears the stretchiest of pants. Get ready to be fit, feel good, but totally forget about your other priorities such as friends outside of the gym walls.  


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