3 Stores for Montrealers to Buy Sex Toys

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Looking for something to spice up your personal time? Or maybe you and your partner want to try something new? Whatever your needs, these Montreal sex stores will have something thrilling for you to try. 

Boutique Sexe Cite- 6325 St Hubert Street

Boutique Sexe Cite has a wide selection of everything and, well... everything! Whether it's your typical products like condoms, lube, or a vibrator, or something a little further into the BDSM realm, they'll have it in store!

Boutique Erotika- 11 St Catherine West

Boutique Erotika is Montreal in a nutshell. The staff wear sexy outfits, and the walls are covered in rainbow dildos and accessories you've never heard of. Despite its flashy decor, Boutique Erotika actually has a great selection of toys, and the staff are cool if you act like you definitely don't want help.

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SensualHut- 454 Beaumont Ave, Suite 454

SensualHut is both a local store and a thriving web shop. If you're feeling shy about going in and browsing in person, place your order online and their super quick shipping will have it on your doorstep right away. On the flip side, if you don't want to commit to a product without seeing it in person, browse online and then take your wish list into the store!

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