5 GPA Boosters at Concordia You Haven't Already Taken

Don't Stress This Semester



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Dance Traditions—DANC 211

Dance traditions is a course about the history of dance. You'll watch a lot of videos, write a super short paper, and do a presentation. As long as you're participating in class and can memorize a couple minutes of information about a famous dancer, you'll do fine. And don't worry, there's no actual dancing involved.

Introduction to Computer Usage—INTE 290 (Online)

There's a lot of reading in INTE 290 but I promise you it's stuff you already know. The majority of the lessons are teaching you about the parts of a computer, what the internet does, and how to create a word document. Plus the exam is multiple choice! Not even tricky multiple choice.

Intro to French—FRAN 211

The sweetest part about taking French at Concordia is you get double credits. FRAN 211 is the same stuff you were learning in elementary school, and if you actively participate in class you probably won't even have to do the homework. Usually the largest portion of your mark is based on a presentation, so all you have to do is memorize 3-5 minutes of basic French.

The Creative Process—ENGL 224

Have you ever written a poem? How about a short story? Well then you've gotten an A in the creative process. The final assignment is a portfolio containing all of your work from the semester, and your only assignments are small writing projects. If you're already a writer, then recycle your stuff and you won't have to lift a finger in this class.


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