Montreal, Go to a BYOB Restaurant This Weekend

You knew this was a thing, right?!



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It's pretty standard practice to go to the restaurant first and the bar second, But some restaurants combine the best of both worlds. Grab a bottle or a 6 pack on your way to eat and plunk it right down on the table!

Bombay Mahal- 1001 Jean Talon Street West

Bombay Mahal is a favourite for Indian food, booze or not. They have generous portions and the service is usually pretty quick. It can get hectic in there when it's busy, but the staff keep it under control. 

La Raclette- 1059 Rue Gilford

Hot cheese and BYOB. Need I say more? Restaurant La Raclette is a fondue restaurant that welcomes you to bring alcohol of your own. Fondue is a super fun social food, because everyone is dipping and getting interactive. Most importantly it's just delicious!

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Le Quartier General- 1251 Rue Gilford

Le Quartier General is a little bit more upscale than the other options so far, but that's where the BYOB style will come in and let you off the hook a little. The food is traditional Quebecoise, so you'll really be getting a taste of the town!

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Khyber Pass- 506 Avenue Duluth E

Khyber Pass is an Afghan restaurant in the plateau. They propose that they will take you on "an unforgettable trip to Afghanistan"! Go find out for yourself if that's true! And bring a bottle of your favourite wine!

Cred: RestoMontreal


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