New and Innovative Restaurant "Hoogan & Beaufort" to Open in Rosemont

New restaurant will promote local and seasonal food in Montreal


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“Hoogan & Beaufort” will be run by chef Marc-André Jetté (Laloux and Les 400 coups) in partnership with sommelier William Saulnier. The combination of their rich experiences in the industry promises to provide a truly epicurean joy. Their direct relationships with urban and rural producers will guarantee fresh and seasonal products. The continuously evolving menu will reflect the inspiration of the moment as well as what farmers have to offer. It is no wonder that the restaurant is part of the Technopôle Angus’ sustainable development project in Rosemont, supporting innovative food practices in the community. 

The name of the restaurant, "Hoogan & Beaufort", comes from the farmers who owned the land prior to 1879 but sold it to the Canadian Pacific Railway for the development of Angus Shops during the age of rapid industrialization. The interior design will reflect this historical background and keep the industrial vibe with large beautiful windows.

The type of cuisine is still to be discovered but it is known that the restaurant will feature an in-house, wood-burning fire pit that will be heavily used to create unforgettable plates. One thing is clear, "Hoogan & Beaufort" will not be a typical steakhouse with the focus on cuts. There will be a generous presence of vegetables and seafood. Despite the use of quality products and the dedication of the owners to create delicate dishes, the main goal of “Hoogan & Beaufort” is to democratize fine dining and keep the restaurant accessible to a larger public. The idea is to attract Montrealers interested in sharing tasty and fresh meals regardless of the occasion.  The restaurant works as a destination for a nice romantic evening or even a night out with a big group of friends. Families with kids will also be very well accommodated. 

The open concept kitchen is another feature that will attract guests. Not only will it allow patrons to observe the preparation of the food and chat with the cooks, it will also maintain the community feeling that the restaurant owners strongly promote. The exact opening date is still to be announced so keep your ears open. "Hoogan & Beaufort" just might become your next favourite spot.


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