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There is something very special about small portions of Mediterranean food accompanied by a glass of good wine. If you want to feel the vibe of Barcelona and taste some incredible Mediterranean flavours, check out Tapas 24 in Old Montreal. At Tapas 24, you will discover a whole new world of Catalan food and other Spanish dishes. 

Every bite will surely activate your taste buds. In everything from simple coca con tomate (tomato bread) to the sophisticated paella, the flavours and aromas are mind-blowing. If you’re interested in trying typical Catalan cuisine, order the fideua; a dish similar to a seafood paella but with short noodles cooked in a fish stock. The rich taste and the mix of seafood are, simply put, perfect. For someone who likes chorizo and other types of sausages, butifarra, a popular Catalan sausage, is a must try. The Butifarra comes with two side dishes: a plate of squash or huevos (fried egg) served with fries. There are also some other types of huevos on the menu, including one with foie gras and a plain one with just eggs and fries. The restaurant also offers great fried seafood like calamari and octopus, both flawless in terms of seasoning and cooking.

For dessert, you can go for a typical crema catalana (the Catalan version of crème brulée) or try something a little more unusual like chocolate with bread, olive oil and salt. The combination is excellent with the olive oil adding richness to the dessert. An evening at Tapas 24 could also be a great occasion to learn more about Spanish wines.  

For first time visitors to Tapas 24, it’s a good idea to order the tasting menu chosen by the staff.  They will be sure to take into account any and all of your dietary restrictions. If you prefer to pick dishes yourself, it’s recommended to order three, as the dishes are quite small.  That being said, one or two dishes might suffice if you’re a light eater.

Tapas 24’s founder is the famous Catalan chef, Carles Abellan.  He owns a number of other restaurants in Barcelona. The decor and the atmosphere of Tapas 24 are contemporary and very warm. The combination of tasty Mediterranean food, the southern vibe and the stimulating aromas will guarantee a great gourmet experience and, for a few hours, transport you to a sunny Spanish coast. 

Location: 420 Notre-Dame Street West, Local 4


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