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Nora Gray is one of the most pleasant restaurant experiences one can have in Montreal, hands down. In fact, it was included in the top 10 of Canada's Best New Restaurants in 2012 by enRoute (Air Canada's travel magazine), a rating Canadian foodies eagerly await every year. 

While Montreal has plenty of Italian restaurants, they vary mostly between simple Trattorias and classic upscale establishments, many of which have existed for decades with faithful customers. Nora Gray offers something different and unique. As all new modern restaurants must be, it is innovative and bold. The dishes have a modern touch, a certain creativity, and lots of bold Italian flavours. 

The menu always uses an array of seasonal ingredients; they currently feature squash and wild mushroom plates. It offers a great diversity of dishes from boar sausages to rabbit. Although their secondi (main courses) are mostly meat dishes, you can also find fish and vegetarian options like lentil Bolognese and oven-baked cod. If you want to dine like a real Italian, make sure to try some antipasti and primi (which are two levels of appetizers common in Italian cuisine). Primi are typically pasta dishes before the main course, and let me say Nora Gray has some delectable choices; plus you have the option between a half or a full portion. If you’re still hungry after the three course meal, there are a few dolci (desserts) you can try also! I would suggest the figs with home-made ricotta and honey. What’s incredible about Nora Gray is that from antipasti to dolci, all dishes are full of flavours and cooked to perfection. 

If you want to take your culinary experience to the next level, there’s a long wine list where you will find wines from France and Italy among others. If wine isn’t your thing, the friendly staff are happy to make you cocktails while you are waiting. The atmosphere at Nora Gray is suitable for both an intimate dinner and a night out with friends. It’s dimly lit with candle light adding to the cozy, warm atmosphere. The space is small, so it’s best to make a reservation in advance, especially for Friday and Saturday nights. You’ll love this place and you’ll definitely want to go back. Try out Nora Grey for the real Italian dining experience! 

Location: 1391 Saint-Jacques Street West


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