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10 spots to celebrate Taco Tuesday


Impactaco: Cheap, tasty and fresh

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On the first day, God created light. Then, he created pretty much everything else. On Sunday, he rested. And on Tuesday, he consulted his Taco Tuesday guide from YUL.Buzz to know where to get the best tacos in town. Wait, what? Taco Tuesday originates from LA, when a local restaurant decided to offer cheap tacos on Tuesdays in 1982. Since then, it has become a pretty popular thing all around the United States. In Montreal, there’s no reason why you can’t make it your own because the city offers mucho selection! Here’s the best options:

1- Impactaco

$1 tacos on Wednesdays or 4 tacos for $6 any other day of the week: this is the best deal in town. Try the Tacos de Cabeza with braised cow's head. Yum.

500a Bélanger E

2- Sabor Latino

4 tacos for $9? Yes please. The tacos at Sabor Latinos are considered one of the best in the city -- especially their chorizo and al pastor tacos. And, if you want to bring the taste at home, this cute joint acts a grocery store too.

436 Bélanger

3- Cartel Street Food Bar

The original Taco Tuesday in Montreal. This Mile-End spot celebrates your new favourite day by offering $2 tacos after 5pm every Tuesday. Try the Mexican pulled pork, it’s muy bueno!

101 Fairmount W

4- Ta Chido

This place wins a special award for offering many vegetarian and vegan options, and gluten-free bread for their tortas. 3 tacos for $9 after 9pm on Fridays or Saturdays is a good reason to eat tacos on the weekends too.

5611 Parc

5- Don Taco

Tasty, friendly, and freshly made. This downtown favourite has mouth watering beef filled tacos for just 99 cents on Tuesdays. You won’t break the bank on any other given day too, most of their tacos are under $2.

1855 Saint Catherine W

6- L’Gros Luxe

While this popular budget chain doesn’t have a TT special, it made our list because it offers 2 choices of tacos for 5$ on any day of the week. Win!

7- La Tamalera
This cheery Mile-End Mexican bistro has 3 tacos de Cochinita (braised pork) on its menu for $8. And if you come back (because I know you will), the weekend brunch is cheap and tasty too.
226 Fairmount W

8- La Matraca

Being latin, this is my go-to taqueria around my hood, the Plateau. The tacos are simple, 3-4 ingredients at most -- and the prices are cheap (about $8 for 3 tacos).
4607 Saint-Denis

9- Grumman 78

Now if you feel like making Taco Tuesday a fancier affair, I suggest you visit Grumman 78. At $26 for 4, the Prime Steak Tacos are pricey but hella tasty. To top it off, the restaurant offers an a-list wine selection too.

10. Maïs

At Maïs, it’s the little things that make the tacos great: like carrot, cumin, queso fresco and almond tacos. No real deals here but the prune and almond tarte tatin on the menu make up for it.

5435 Saint-Laurent


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