3 Mile-End Cafés Perfect for Getting Work Done

These places have great food, friendly staff and delicious coffee


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When it comes to working from home, the close proximity to your bed and fridge is often enough to have you distracted for majority of the day. On top of that, trying to study or get work done while surrounded by your roommates, pets, and countless other distractions may not always be the best idea. Don’t get me wrong, there are superstars out there who are capable of tuning everything out and getting down to business, but for the rest of us who are easily sidetracked, a café might be a better option. If Montreal’s got one thing figured out, it’s the café scene. From quirky little hole-in- the-walls to larger chain establishments, there’s one on virtually every block. Here’s 3 perfect cafés in the Plateau/Mile End for getting stuff done:

1. Le Cagibi

Le Cagibi is a hot spot for students and the office-less. They’ve got a killer menu of vegetarian meals and baked goods, and their espresso will keep you going. A huge perk is the variety of table choices. If you’re a person who takes up a lot of table real estate while working, there are some big tables to accommodate your needs. You can take a seat next to the window in a comfy armchair, grab a booth in the back, or even sit on the bench outside to get some work done. This place is always packed with students, but the internet never ceases to meet your needs. I’m a person who hates working in complete silence, and I have no problem working surrounded by others, but if you need a silent working environment this may not be the place for you. Cagibi also holds shows on their stage in the back, so you can plan your weekend while studying!

2. Kilo Café

Kilo is great for a person who needs a quieter work environment. The set-up is that it's long and narrow, which makes it easy to escape from noise. There’s a living-room-type area at back that is ideal for study groups or meetings. There’s also a massive booth that is perfect for spreading out. They're open late, they have amazing service, and their paninis are delicious. Also, get your sugar fix there as they're known for their desserts, which include giant, yummy cakes.

3. Résonance Café

Another good one for the quieter types, though it is always packed. It’s a good size though, so you probably won’t be bothered. They’ve got all day breakfast and vegan brunch on weekends, tasty rice bowls and sandwiches, and, of course, plenty of coffee. If you’re lucky enough, you might even score a spot on their little terrace that is always right in the perfect sun-to-shade ratio. There are regular concerts and events at Résonance, including their Résonance poetry series and Les Sympathiques, a local artist-led initiative for community and artistic freedom. Even their daytime music choices are agreeable.

All three of these places have been home to a number of YUL.Buzz meetings, interviews, hang outs, and work days, and we have been blessed with delicious food, flavourful coffee, and friendly staff. Get out of the house, away from your bed and fridge. These three cafés have you covered!


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