Artisanal Doughnuts in St-Henri

Visit Léché Desserts and treat yourself to a flavour (or 6!)


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I never used to consider myself a doughnut person. I sometimes eat them in Timbit form on the road between Montreal and Toronto, washed down with burnt-sweet coffee, because it’s something to do to break up that dull five-and-a-half-hour stretch of the Trans Canada. But Léché Desserts has changed all that and now I actively try to find occasions that are doughnut worthy (you know, like, it’s Monday, or I think it’s my coworker’s birthday again).

This cute St-Henri bakery occupies the first floor of an old, industrial redbrick building on the stretch of Courcelle between bar de Courcelle and the Home Depot. (And it is right across the street from a small park, which happens to be the perfect place for doughnut eating on a sunny day.) The name is difficult to spot, so look out for the sign with their logo: a fifties-girl wielding a whisk and balancing a platter of colourful doughnuts.

Inside the café/bakery, huge factory windows let in sunlight, feeding the multitude of plants, and sparkling off the hot pink striped chairs. There is an open airiness to the space filled with the scent of toasted pistachio, warm dough, and melted chocolate.

The yeast-based doughnuts at Léché are light and fluffy and designed to the ideal proportion to be stuffed, filled, topped, glazed, and sugared. In Léché’s open kitchen, you can watch the team of talented women create these tasty confections from dough to baking to decorating.

Léché always has fun flavours on the menu. Their solid line up includes Strawberry Jam dipped in sugar crystals, the gorgeous green Pistachio Cream, and the Lemon Meringue, a stunning doughnut version of the pie, filled with lemon curd and topped with a swirl of perfectly caramelized, gooey meringue. Some people may say these doughnuts are too pretty to eat—help those people out and take them off their hands.

Léché also offers a rotating cast of guest-star flavours (often seasonal, holiday-influenced, or Habs-inspired). Try the S’more, with their homemade marshmallow, or the Boston Cream, filled with rich, creamy custard. They also have great vegan options like Lime Coco and Sugar and Spice.

Let’s be honest, it’s going to be hard to choose just one, so why not get a half dozen? Léché Desserts also offers lunch options, so bring along some hungry friends and make it a feast.

Location Information: 640 Courcelle Street. Hours are Monday to Friday from 9am–6pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am–5pm


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