Sophie Sucrée Satisfies Icing Cravings

The Plateau-based bakery is doing vegan and gluten free in the sweetest way–literally


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Photo cred – Jill Clark

Over the past few years we’ve seen lots of shops popping up across Montreal that cater to different dietary needs: vegan and gluten free isn’t as hard to find these days. Still, as someone forced to eat gluten free, I want more. Sometimes I have a hankering for cupcakes, but I don’t want to have to bake it myself. Sophie Sucrée fills this sugary void.

What were once only custom cakes to order has now claimed a sweet space on the Plateau. “We wanted to open a vegan bakery with gluten free options because we were trying to source out options like that in Montreal, and there really wasn’t enough of them,” explains Milène Laoun, owner and baker-extraordinaire. Many major cities have started to see the wheat-free and plant-based light. “I was inspired by other cities and the amount of options that there are… I really wanted to bring a piece of that to Montreal.” Sophie Sucrée looks like a slice from a sugary white cloud when you open the door. Pastel accents line the walls. A small bell chimes your arrival while the treats wait patiently in their glass cages. The whole shop is just so cute you could eat it.

Vegan and gluten free trends have received a lot of flak in some areas, but Montreal bodes well with the mindful attitudes attached to these diets. “Montreal was really thirsty for these options,” Milène says. The goal here isn’t to be different, but to “reach a wider audience.” Milène hopes “to have something that can include a maximum amount of people.” Sophie Sucrée thrives on “good ingredients and positive energy” in order to serve the best your sweet tooth has ever tasted.

“We try–in everything we do–to just be mindful,” Milène explains. This consciousness translates through all aspects of the business: resources, ingredients, waste and the team. The sophisticated shop showcases all things plant-based, alternative and sweet.

After two years in the city, Sophie Sucrée has built up a diverse following. Whether people come for the beloved cupcakes, the brownies, or the hot lunches, they all love what the shop has to offer. “We have options for almost every taste,” says Milène.

The upcoming summer months promise an even bigger punch: vegan ice cream treats so good you won’t even miss the milk. And don’t even get me started on the cinnamon sticky buns and mock-cheesecake!

Location Info: 167 Pins Ave East. Hours vary, Mon-Wed: 7:30am-6:00pm, Thurs-Fri: 7:30am-9:00pm, Sat: 9:30am-8:00pm and Sun: 9:30am-6:00pm


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