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A café has opened up in the Mile End, and you’re going to want to sit in it


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It seems that so many cafés these days try to look like either minimalist art galleries or pawn shops.  Don’t get me wrong, I too love a single industrial lightbulb and the cat head trinket aesthetic. But the newly opened Café Journal on Parc offers something different. And I promise you’ll like it.

Café Journal actually feels like a home — well, like the home of your good-natured friend who wins at life — exposed brick, artisan recycled wood furnishings, and comfortable, unique chairs all inside of a refurbished, vintage-house exterior. 

The place has been designed with ‘a table for everyone’ in mind.  Each table is different and each offers something distinctive depending on your mood and desired function. Certain tables seem perfect for studying or working, some for an intimate afternoon chat, and others are basically giant cushions around a cool vintage couch where you would sit with your club, whatever that is. 

It’s one of those places that hosts an idyllic bay window where you know someone is going to try and write their first novel.  Or at least pretend to.

All of those lovely atmospheric touches are paired, naturally, with two smiling young Tunisian guys and a well-designed brunch menu. The café is a realized dream project of the owners, Kais Basti and Mohamed Rejeb.  Both no strangers to the food and hospitality scene, they wanted to combine their passion for unique cuisine and third wave, fair trade coffee culture.

Basti tells me that they’ll host an evolving, original menu that will showcase their own custom creations. All the food is made in house, and their latest creation is called the fleur de bacon — an aesthetically pleasing bacon design with egg in the middle and all sorts of garnishes.  The menu offers a lot of other quality choices, like eggs benedict, tartines, sandwiches, soups and salads. 

This locale is a find for foodies and also the daily ‘self-employeds’ who seek community through coffee shops.  As a daily coffee shop worker myself, I know that the relaxed milieu, friendly owners and choice of ‘table experience’ is going to make me a regular—one of the many fans amassed since it opened last month. 

Also — they are down to play Elton John with reckless abandon. I’ll see you there.

Location:  5282 Parc, near St Viateur. Hours are 9 am - 9 pm, with brunch served between 9 am and 3 pm. 


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