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Step into Félix for an exhilarating clubbing experience


A bombastic dancefloor awaits you

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Located on the iconic yet tacky Plaza St-Hubert, inside what used to be Zoobizarre and CFC, Félix is a gem that is waiting to be discovered. Behind its old red door hides a club that can compete with the most underground spots of Berlin. I’ve already been a couple of times this year and each visit was a thrill. Here’s the scoop on one of the city’s best hidden secrets.

For most Montreal clubbers, Félix still remains unknown. Since its opening in December 2014, there was no launch and no big advertising done to compete with the city’s bigger joints. Picture this: multiple hallways leading to cozy bedrooms, a dancefloor with medieval like walls that looks like a nuclear bomb shelter and an outdoor patio that’s closeted enough to leave your coat at the coatcheck. 

Other than its unique setting, Félix is the first bar in Montreal to effectively ban mobile devices. Yes, you heard me right. Once you get in the club, the host will carefully place your phone in a fabric pocket and store it away in a big wooden cabinet. I was a bit reluctant at first but they really take this seriously, so you should too. Without your cellphone, you’ll be able to connect with your peers, make new friends and really let yourself go.

Electronic music aficionados will be pleased as Félix features a mixture of house, nu-disco and techno music every weekend. The sound system is one of quality; just like Stereobar, where the music doesn’t need to be excessively loud to be heard. The staff is really personable and the drinks are priced adequately ($7 for a Bombay & Tonic).

Félix doesn’t really rely on social media for its events. Still, you can visit their Facebook page to get a glimpse of the future events you’ll want to attend. So put on your best dancing shoes, leave the selfies at home and step into a refreshing clubbing experience like no other. Trust me, it’s a blast!


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