Terrace By Day, Dance Floor By Night, Studio Backstage Has it All

This Village bar can fulfill all your socializing needs


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Since my arrival in Montreal, the Village has held one of my heartstrings. I don’t know if it’s the pink balls strung through the streets, the way the sun perfectly falls on each terrace, or the happy-go-lucky vibes. Every time I end up in the Village, I find myself visiting Studio Backstage.

The daytime scene is definitely something to check out. In the summer months Studio Backstage’s terrace pours onto the Eastern-most end of the car-free St. Catherine. People come for a cold brew in the sunny spot, or to mow down on some of the classic pub platters.

When the sun sets, Studio Backstage comes alive. Most famous for their Friday night dubstep mixes, the boys at Backstage want to provide a fun and loving vibe for their customers. Follow the trail of dirty deep house beats all the way to Backstage’s front door.

Dubstep isn’t the only party night Studio Backstage does right. Each night of the week has a different theme for a different crowd. Drum and bass, electro, house, and even live music will keep you dancing all night long. It’s the variety that keeps Studio Backstage well-rounded on all fronts.

Studio Backstage wasn’t always the bumpin’ club it is now. Gino Triviani, the manager, pushed for the switch that brings a more diverse following. “Now we have a younger crowd, about 20-35 years old, and then different groups that come into play.”

 “We are open to everybody,” says Benjamin Bouchard, the owner. The welcoming attitudes of Bouchard and Triviani model the vibes of the bar as a whole. “We never have fights here,” says Bouchard. “There’s a lot of love.” And there is a lot to love about Studio Backstage.

Recently, the Backstage boys have been pushing to be more than your average bar: “You aren’t only here for drinking. You can play games and share.” While they already had foosball, Triviani explains that he recently set up a Nintendo for the customers. He has other game ideas in the works to make Studio Backstage an afternoon extension of your living room. “This place gets jam packed,”  he explains. Smash Bros, anyone?

Check out their Facebook page for updated event listings.

Location Info: 1661 St Catherine Street East. Studio Backstage is closed on Monday, open between 11am-11pm on Tuesday, and Wednesday to Sunday it’s open 11am-3am.


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