National Cereal Day: 4 Recipes for the Montreal Cereal-Lover

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What did you have for breakfast this morning? If it wasn’t cereal you’re doing it wrong because today is National Cereal Day. With tons of specialty restaurants serving up a slew of bizarre desserts, Montrealers have proven that we can mess with unusual food trends. At this point cereal is basically a food group of it’s own, appropriate for all meals of the day.

It’s hard to narrow it down, but in honour of National Cereal Day, here are 4 mouth-watering recipes to help you celebrate this holy, very very legit holiday:

Baked Cereal and Milk Donuts

Honestly, cupcakes are out and donuts are in. If you're not intrigued by these decadent cereal donuts then check yourself into a hospital because something is wrong with you. 

Get the recipe here.

Milk and Cereal Breakfast Popsicles

Do you run out of time getting ready in the morning? This breakfast pop is so quick and easy. Who said popsicles were exlusively for winter, gosh, open you MINDS, PEOPLE!

Cred: InKatrinasKitchen

Get the recipe here.

Raspberry Coconut Cereal Treats

Lol @ us pretending to be adults in an article about eating cereal for every meal, but yeah, here is your "adult" option which is TBH just as delicious-looking as the rest, and you can maybe feel better about the state of your life by going with these mature cereal treats. Also they're vegan and gluten-free (bonus)!

Cred: SaltedPlains

Get started on the recipe here.

Cereal Macarons with Cereal Milk Frosting

For those of you who are more confectionaryily-gifted (??) I DARE YOU to give these cereal-based macarons a shot. And then tell me when you've made them. And mail some to my PO box, thanks!

Cred: BusySpatula

For the full recipe see here

Enjoy your #NationalCerealDay, guys!


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