Get a Free Lunch Every Day at Concordia

I hope you don't mind waiting in line



In January, a Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown Montreal made a splash by offering free food to anyone who couldn’t afford to pay. At Concordia, free lunches for students who are in need have been offered since 1999 at the The People’s Potato.

Every weekday at lunchtime, a huge, winding line forms on the 7th floor of the Hall Building at Concordia’s downtown campus. Volunteers serve up nutritious, vegan meals, prepared by volunteers. Students who want to participate have to bring their own utensils and container for the food to be ladled into. Donations are suggested but not required, and no student will be turned away for not having any money.

The People’s Potato say they run the soup kitchen not only to fight student poverty, but also to provide a healthier choice than some of the other food options on campus. The meals are usually some kind of a legume-based soup that are filling without being unhealthy.

Besides making and serving up free food for students, The People’s Potato are also active in the community. They give workshops on how to make things like fermented sodas, and they host and promote events on campus.

So if you’re feeling hungry at lunchtime, make your way to the Henry F. Hall building around noon, bring your tupperware and fork/spoon, wait in that long line, and get yourself some free food at The People’s Potato!


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