Montreal’s Most Beloved Ice Cream Parlours Are Open Again!

A who’s who of ice cream this season


Summer is here! Get in line at one of these Montreal ice cream parlours to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Some say its only spring once the tulips bloom, or there are baby birds waking you up every morning. But in Montreal, we dont let nature decide. Instead, we leave it to the hardworking men and women behind our nearest and dearest ice cream shops to signal that the bland days of winter have given way to the sugary avalanche of spring. We may have only had a handful of days with temperatures surpassing the low-mid teens, but that isnt going to stop our favourite ice cream parlous from flinging open their doors and reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. In case you are unsure, heres a list of some of the classic spots that have opened (or are soon to open) for the 2016 season!

1. Les Givrés 2730 Masson

Les Givrés opened their doors recently, and it is particularly important this year, because they are at a new location in Old Rosemont. Their new spot is about a fifteen minute walk from Laurier metro.

Meu Meu

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2. La Diperie 68 Des Pins

The newest addition to the frozen dessert scene is out of the gates early this year. La Diperie opened on April 15th, but thats not all. Theyve got two more locations in the works. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more news on those future grand openings.

3. Ripples 3880 Saint Laurent

For over twenty years Ripples has been proudly serving the Plateau community some of the best ice cream in the city. You can never go wrong with this timeless classic, which opened in mid-April this year.

4. Cremerie Meu Meu 4458 St Denis

This pint-sized spot has also opened shop again for the summer. Anyone who has never tried this ice cream needs to make it their first stop this season. All their flavours are made in house and this place might win the award for most unique flavours.

Pile Our Glace

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5. Kem CoBa (April 29) 60 Fairmont W

The Mile Ends crown jewel opens on April 29 this year. With fresh ice cream, sorbet and soft serve made in house, if you havent been here yet you really havent lived.

6. Pile ou Glace 7084 St Laurent

For all the gelato fans out there, you cant get much better than Pile ou Glace. This place is the perfect pit stop after a nice summers walk around Little Italy.

7. Glacier Le Biblioquet Multiple Locations

This ice cream juggernaut has had some of their locations open all year round. But those of you in Outremont, Westmount and the Plateau can rejoice that these boutiques are now officially open too. 


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