Top 10 Poutine Restaurants that Deliver

Leave your hunger at the door, without ever leaving your home


The only thing better than poutine is delivery!

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1. Burger Royal (3820 Saint Laurent Boulevard), (514) 933- 7000

Burger Royale

un voyage gastronomique

Don’t let the name deceive you. Burger Royal has more up its sleeve than burgers. Try a variety of their poutines, all available for delivery.

2. Pitarifique (4160 Saint Laurent Boulevard), (514) 842- 7793

Right in the heart of the Plateau, Pitarifique is a favourite for all the classic comfort foods. Give them a ring up until 10:30 pm for delicious poutine straight to your doorstep.

3. Chef on Call (2055A Bishop Street), (514) 844- 2040

Good old reliable Chef on Call has always got your back for dependable poutine after most places have closed their doors.

4. Frite Alors (multiple locations)

Frites Alors

Boulevard Saint-Laurent

If you’re looking for a bit more than a typical poutine, definitely call Frite Alors. From classic to topped with shredded chicken cooked in duck fat and ribs sauce, Frite Alors has your craving covered.

5. Restaurant Blanche Neige (5735 Cote Des Neiges), (514) 738- 3251

If you’re unwilling to make the journey to Restaurant Blanche Neige - a quaint homage to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in the form of a family restaurant - never fear! Their poutine is comfort food at its best, delivered right to you.

6. Dirty Dogs (25 Mont Royal Avenue), (514) 508- 3647

Although Dirty Dogs is known for their gourmet hot dogs, they also serve up a pretty impressive poutine. For a touch of class atop your gravy and curds, try the foie gras poutine!

7. Restaurant Mont Royal Hot Dog (1001 Mont Royal Avenue), (514) 524- 3670

Hot Dog

Meals with D

This diner on the corner of Mont Royal and Boyer is a no fuss, no muss institution. Here you’ll find an unpretentious poutine available for delivery until one in the morning.

8. Fabergé (25 Fairmont Avenue W), (514) 903- 6649

This esteemed brunch spot is actually known for their poutine. Despite the fact that they’re only open until mid-afternoon, Fabergé is definitely worth a shot if you’re craving a stellar poutine while it’s still bright out.

9. Canada Hot Dog (2672 Masson Street), (514) 525- 9526

Locals of old-Rosemont rave about both the hot dogs and the poutine at Canada Hot Dog. Check out their website ahead of time to see if you’re within range of their delivery map.

10. Comptoir 21 (multiple locations)


serious eats 

Comptoir 21 is known for their seafood but don’t let that fool you - any lover of the beautiful dish knows that Comptoir 21 secretly serves one of the best poutines in Montreal, and lucky for us, they deliver. 


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