Montreal’s Top 7 Caribbean Restaurants

Dodge the cold and switch up your dining experience!


7 Caribbean restaurants that will warm you up this winter

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Im just going to go ahead and say it: its COLD. Theres no more pretending winter isnt going to hurt this year. Its here and its painful. Were all dreaming of a sunny getaway, but since that may not be an option for a lot of us, perhaps we can trick ourselves with a night of flavourful Caribbean cuisine. Montreal has a ton of excellent options for Caribbean food, so heres a list of places you should try out!

Ceviches 152 Napoleon



This is exactly where you need to be if youre experiencing a serious seafood craving. With a lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, and great meal presentation, you cant go wrong!

The Caribbean Curry House 6891 Victoria Ave

Caribbean Curry House

Curry House

This is a fantastic place to grab a warm dish to warm up on a cold winter day. It is affordable, and the word on the street is the goat is to die for!

Mango Bay 1236 Mackay

Mango Bay

Mango Bay 

With a large variety of island eats and an adorable little interior, this is always a great pick! Try the Curry Goat Rotle!

Caribbean Paradise Restaurant 8080 Boulevard Newman


Caribbean Paradise Restaurant Montreal

This place is very affordable and you will always receive great customer service. The food is wonderful, great for take-out or sit-down!

Le Jardin Du Cari 5554 St-Laurent


Le Jardin Du Cari

Here you will find unique flavours for great values. Everyone MUST try the chickpea roti wrap with pumpkin curry. Seriously, its to DIE for.

Kalalu Caribbean Destination 4331 rue Saint-Denis


Kalalu Caribbean Destination

Very authentic Caribbean cuisine! If youre looking to switch it up and try something a little different, this is the place for you!

Chef De La Maison Roti 1605 Dollard Ave

Maison Roti

Chef De La Maison Roti 

Lasalles island claim-to-fame is this lovely little place with its always-fresh Roti. You can expect delicious Roti that hasnt been sitting in a fridge for days on end. It's delicious! 

Forget about the winter with fresh, warm, dishes and fun, unique environments! Happy dining, everyone!


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