9 Best Barcades in Montreal

Grab a few friends and get your game on!


Get your game on at these 9 Montreal barcades!

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Are you tired of simply, "grabbing a drink?" If you're in the mood for something a bit more exciting, we've got you covered. Whether it is bowling, ping pong, pool, board games, pinball, or any other activity you can think of, Montreal has plenty of bars that encourage you to stay for a play. Here's a list of our 9 favourite barcades in the city:

1. Foonzo (1245 Drummond St)



Foonzo is a super popular board game bar hidden in the middle of the action downtown, in a basement on Drummond. Not only is the gaming top-notch but the cocktails are delicious and fairly priced. 

2. Rosebowl Lanes (6510 Saint Jacques St) 



Rosebowl is the Promised Land: bowling lanes as far as the eye can see, nacho cheese as yellow as the mid-afternoon sun (with similarly negative health impacts after overexposure), a fully-equipped arcade space and not one but two bars. 

3. North Star (3908 St Laurent)

North Star


Previously Korova (#RIP), the second-floor bar space is being put to good use as Montreal’s latest barcade. Here, you can lose all your friends when you crush them at pinball games from the 1950s - actually though, their machines are from the 1950 - 1980s.

4. Randolph (2031 Saint-Denis St) 



Boutique by day, fully-equipped board game bar by night. Randolph charges a five dollar entry fee but provides table service in addition to endless fond memories you will share with your group for the rest of your lives. 

5. Putting Edge (1259 Guy St)

putting edge

Putting Edge

It’s like your tenth birthday party all over again but without that one kid who threw up on your light-up Sketchers. Also, they serve alcohol which means you can enjoy the childish joy of putting a fluorescent ball in a tiny hole while sipping an adult beverage. 

6. Cobra Tavern (6584 St Laurent)

La Taverne Cobra


A self-proclaimed “deluxe dive bar” Cobra Tavern has arcade style games, in a warm and laid back environment. 

7. Fitzroy (551 Mont Royal Ave E)



Fitzroy is one of the most versatile bars, offering a selection of activities as well as a full-on, nice, not-even-a-little-divey bar. A great place to come with a group or for a fun date. 

8. Forum Gamecentre (2313 St Catherine St W)



Whoever thinks the renovations to the old forum were a bust obviously has never played sixty consecutive games of skee ball. Located on the upper level of the forum, you will find extensive arcade space with centrally located bar. If that’s not your speed, there’s bowling upstairs too. 

9. Eljumelgi (3871 St Catherine St E)

el jumelgi


Do you prefer to play four different games within the span of one hour? No problem. That is a totally viable option here. As if pool, foosball, and ping pong weren’t enough, Eljumelgi offers beer pong outside of the comfort of your best bro’s basement apartment!


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