Get Ready to Laugh at this Year’s Ethnic Show!

We sat down with Greek comedian, Yannis Pappas to get ready for MTL’s Just For Laughs festival this year!


Get ready to laugh!

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We are getting pretty amped up for Just For Laughs 2016! It's difficult to narrow it down, but we've all got our favourite comedians, events, and shows to look forward to. JFL brings in the biggest names in comedy every year and 2016 will not disappoint.

If you're looking for another great show to add to your JFL schedule, you can't miss The Ethnic Show, comprised of some of the most hilarious comedians from around the world who take the stage to laugh about everything quirky and amazing about their heritage.

This year, The Ethnic Show is bursting at the seams with talent. Here's what you're in for: Nigerian-American Godfrey, Puerto Rican Gina Brillon from the Bronx, Jewish-American Jessica Kirson, Lebanese-American Nemr, special guest and festival favourite Italian-American Dom Irrera, and finally, Greek-American Yannis Pappas, who sat down with us to chat about what to expect this year.

Yannis has been featured on AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live and ABC's Good Moring America, and he is currently hosting AOL's original series, 2 Point Lead. His Half Hour Comedy Central Special aired in 2014 and it currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and the Comedy Central website.

The highlight of the last few years for this talented comedian would definitely be taking part in 2 Point Lead, a sports comedy sketch in which he got to interview some legendary athletes.

"Some of the athletes I interviewed, like Jerry Rice, were guys I was totally in awe of growing up. The child me high-fived me every day!"

This is Yannis' fourth time performing at Just For Laughs, though he says he only remembers two of those times (as we all know, Montreal nights can get a little blurry). Every time he visits Montreal, he is sure to grab a bagel and some smoked meat, which he says, "you just gotta do."

In terms of JFL, Yannis said, "It's the best comedy festival in the world. The biggest stars, the best comedians up here. If I have any time off at all, all I want to do is be a part of the audience as much as I can!"

Now, here's the thing: Yannis doesn't typically do Greek jokes. In fact, whenever he's cracking any sort of Greek jokes, it is through his character Mr. Panos. He also has another character: Maurice. He describes himself and his characters as "three totally different comedians." So we are incredibly lucky to catch Yannis talking about his heritage and ethnicity from his own perspective because his is truly a unique experience.

If you can't make the first show, no worries. There will be 19 different Ethnic Shows to catch over the course of the Just For Laughs festival. Yannis told us that none of the shows will be the same. He wouldn't dream of doing the same set over and over! So if you like what you hear, you can always come right back for some fresh material the next day.

Yannis Pappas is a quick-witted, hilarious man you need to see live in Montreal during the festival! It was a pleasure speaking with him and he had us cracking up the entire time.

The Ethnic Show will take place at Club Soda and Metropolis with 19 performances from July 13-28, 2016, presented as part of the National Bank Club Series.

Check out Yannis Pappas and other Just For Laughs events here.


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