Brad Williams on JFL, His New Movie, Smoked Meat, and So Much More

An interview with the insanely funny Brad Williams


Check out Brad Williams at the Just For Laughs festival!

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It’s certainly no secret that Montreal has a whole lot to brag about, but one thing that gives us an unlimited supply of bragging rights is that we are home to Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Just For Laughs brings in the biggest names in comedy from around the world and hosts countless performances from July 13th-August 1st. Truly, the comedic talent showcased in Montreal during JFL is unlike anything else you will ever experience.

If you’re at all familiar with the comedy scene, you’ve probably hear of Brad Williams, a comedian who has had an insane year filled with touring, movie sets, podcasts, HUGE releases, and so much more. The California native has kicked down the door with some racy, quick-witted, unique, and gut-wrenchingly funny material. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Brad and chat about this last year and what’s to come in the future! Check it out.

Brad Williams


When you’ve got some spare time in Montreal, what do you like to get up to?

I love going to Old Port, going by the water, and definitely getting some smoked meat.

Are there any places you need to hit up when you’re in town?

Schwartz's, for sure. I’m a dwarf so I can usually just surpass the line. Other than that, I’m totally open so tweet me your suggestions of places to go and things to see! I’m a comedian who is just bored of sitting in a hotel room. Hell, if it’s just a room with a bunch of Beanie Babies in it, I’d be down.

You’ve had a huge year. Can you name a few highlights?

Releasing Daddy Issues, which I’ll be preforming part of at my solo show. I was really nervous about releasing it, actually. I edited it all myself so I saw it so many times that it was starting to get old and I was getting really critical, so I was so happy that people found it funny!

Last year you took part in Circus Awesomeness with Neil Patrick Harris as part of The Nasty Show. It was completely epic and packed with talent. Can you tell us a bit about your experience?

Well NPH (that’s what I call him when we text) - working with him was just a dream! They say never meet your heroes, but whoever said that never met NPH. His performance was completely original, like nothing you’ve seen before, and it was an absolute honour to be a part of the show. The show itself was packed and people continue to watch it on HBO which is so awesome.

What can we expect from The Nasty Show this time around?

Expect a lot of “holy shit” moments where you say, “HOLY SHIT I CANT BELEVE THAT PERSON JUST SAID THAT.” There’s a reason why it’s one of the longest running shows in JFL, especially now in these politically correct times. People need to just let loose in a place where everything is fair game.

When people stop you on the street is there a famous line they ever ask you to recite?

When people ask me to repeat a line, it’s normally lines from Game of Thrones because they assume I’m Peter Dinklage. I don’t do it, but the line, “a dwarf's cock has magic powers,” is said often in my household.

Do you think you’ll be taking a break or slowing down anytime soon?

Why? Why slow down? I’ve got to keep going! I’ll sleep when I’m dead. There will be a time when it’s not so busy, and I’ll be craving this. Make great product, stay passionate, and people will come!

Do you have a favourite place to preform?

You can’t beat the Montreal comedy festival. The comedians are just so smart, witty, and incredible. 

Lastly, what can we look out for from you apart from JFL?

Check out my podcast About Last Night which is released 2 times a week and has some really great guests. Also, coming out in September is a Netflix Mockumentary called Mascots by Christopher Guest which is about the world of professional mascoting. I got to do a scene where it’s just me and Brad Willard improvising and that will always be one of my career highlights.

You are going to want to check out both Brad’s solo show and The Nasty Show for some serious laughs from this hilarious individual. Follow him on twitter, check out his website, and get your butt to JFL!


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